17th Decemebr 2016

Cloud inversions from Lingmoor Fell

Time 9:05am to 1pm
Duration 3 hr 55 min
Distance 8.3 mile
Ascent Give or take a bit - 1600 ft
Walking with On my own
Elterwater - Elterwater Hall - Owlet Hill - Lingmoor Fell - Blea Tarn House - Great Langdale - Chapel Stile - Elterwater
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Walthwaite Bottom, Elterwater

Elterwater is such a popular village with visitors to the Lake District that the car park in the centre of the village and also the roadside around its edges soon become clogged up with cars. This car park appears to act as an overspill, although I suspect this one fills up just as quickly as the others.

Parking is free.

Route Map


The weather on the run up to Christmas can sometimes be unkind, cruel and downright miserable for those of us with a liking for outdoor things. Often we get days when the rain never lets up, the wind is determined to stop us walking in a straight line and keeping a hat firmly on your head is much easier said than done. Thankfully this year, we've have a couple of weeks of mainly dry and calm conditions but common sense tells me that this can't last forever and "it's sure to break before Christmas". But, it's no good letting what might or might not happen in the future dictate what you do today. With this in mind, and a forecast telling me the tops of the fells might well be above the cloud, I leave home for a walk over Lingmoor Fell.

A promising forecast is all very well, but inversion hunting can sometimes be a disappointing pastime. You just never know at what height the top of the cloud will be and that sometimes means the top of the fell you happen to have chosen might not be poking out from the cloud after all. And, cloud inversions don't always last long enough for us to take full advantage. You can gain a bit of height, look behind you and in a matter of moments it's gone.

However, when everything work out in your favour you can end up with a truly magical day such as this one.



As I made my way up Owlet Hill I found myself walking higher than the top of the clouds much sooner than I expected to and I knew I was in for a treat on the higher sections of the walk.

Wetherlam is seen in front of me.

Beautiful light up here this morning.



Wetherlam and the Coniston fells all poking out from the cloud.



Lots of cloud drama in Lakeland this morning.








Fantastic - I could have headed onto the higher fells today but that would have meant only being able to view this from a distance. Sometimes it's much better to sacrifice the higher fells for a walk at this sort of height.

Looking ahead to Lingmoor Fells summit.

Looks like the cloud is beginning to rise around the side of Loughrigg Fell.



A close up of Mickleden filled with cloud. See the house down there, , , ,

, , , it's Blea Tarn House and here it is close up.

For a short distance I follow the road. All the while watching the cloud slowly spilling over gap in the fellside.


On the walk down to Great Langdale I find myself walkig back into the cloud. Sadly it didn't lift in time for me have a walk through the valley with clear views but, that's not to say it wasn't enjoyable.

All was misty and murky in Great Langdale today as this picture of Middle Fell Farm shows. I only saw two people on the entire walk through the valley and strangely, the low cloud made the walk really enjoyable.



New Bridge, Chapel Stile.

And to finish, I walk back through Elterwater.

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