26th December 2016

A windy Boxing Day walk to Watendlath

Time 10:55am to 12:55pm
Duration 3 hr
Distance 5.6 mile
Ascent Apparently it's about 900 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Near Borrowdale Road - Ashness Bridge - Surprise View - Ashness Wood - Road to Watendlath - Watendlath - Watendlath Beck - Ashness Bridge - Near Borrowdale road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, bottom of the Ashness Bridge Road, Borrowdale

A nice and handy little car park that gets you into the Keswick end of Borrowdale, offering easy access to the Ashness Bridge / Watendlath areas and of course Borrowdale itself.

Parking is free, but there are only a limited number of spaces, most of which are often taken up by inconsiderate parking.

Route Map


Today is Boxing Day and we're setting out on the walk we were originally going to do yesterday; but didn't . It's still very mild but unfortunately the wind hasn't let up any. Still - - this is better than we were lead to believe the weather would be over the Christmas break.

Ashness Bridge.

Ashness Farm.

Somewhere around the road summit we stop for a few moments to look up at the tree tops swaying about as if they're ready to snap at any moment. The wind was making a right old racket blowing through the valley but strangely for us, there wasn't a breath of wind as we walked along this bit. That changed once we got out of the trees.

Jennifer strides out towards Watendlath.



After seeing no one on the walk up here it was surprising to see the place looking quite busy. OK, it might not look like it but there are people in the other pictures.


After completing a quick lap of the place we cross the bridge and then head through the gate you see over there.

Standing on the bridge and looking over Watendlath Tarn to Great Crag in the distance.

Boxing Day dinner time at Watendlath.



We head back along the riverside path.



A Surprise View view.

And to finish, I look t'other way. The wind was very gusty today so it really was a case of "don't get too close to the edge".

David Hall -
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