2nd January 2017

Helm Crag and a circuit of Grasmere

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A591 - Butharlyp How - Easedale Road - White Crag - Helm Crag - Green Burn - Ghyll Foot - Low Mill Bridge - Easedale Road - Grasmere (village) - Grasmere (lake) - Baneriggs - A591 - Grasmere (village) - A591
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Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside parking, A591 outside Grasmere
I've described this spot as roadside parking, but it is actually a rather long lay-by found between Grasmere and the bottom of Dunmail Raise. It is quite a popular spot, so latecomers may arrive to find it full. If this turned out to be the case the best alternative would be to try one of the car parks in Grasmere itself. It all depends on where you're going of course, but the distance this would add onto your walk is not much at all.

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Helm Crag was somewhere we wanted to walk at some point over the Christmas break. So, as the festive season was almost over and normality is due to return tomorrow, this was the day we needed to bring the plan to fruition. And blimey, what a perfect day.

Dare I say there was actually a little warmth in the sun as we walked through Easedale.




Looking across to the fells around Easedale. Blea Rigg, Tarn Crag, Sergeant Man to name a few.

And a similar view to the previous picture, this time looking straight into Far Easedale.

Once you get to the front of the ridge the view opens up to show Seat Sandal (Jennifer calls it blister fell), Fairfield and Great Rigg.

At the top of Helm Crag.

The Lion & the Lamb.

and The Howitzer.

We approach Bracken Hause shortly after being overtaken by a large group of right ignorant runners - - - no, I don't have anything against people who choose to run around the fells but I do have a lot against those that adopt the 'get out of the way because I'm quicker' attitude. Particularly on a section where there is limited room to 'let them past'.

Thankfully we managed to cross the bridge without any loss of life or limb. From working in an industry where health & safety is at the forefront of everything we do, I'll state the obvious by saying if the bridge is closed it should be signed and taped off properly, if it's open then the tape should be removed.

Here we look across to Blister Fell (AKA Seat Sandal).

Steel Fell seen from the road just past Ghyll Foot.

And again, this time from Low Mill Bridge.

Stone Arthur.

As we walked into Grasmere we decided to add a circuit of Grasmere onto the walk. It was such a nice day it seemed a shame to head back already. That's Helm Crag above the houses.

It was very busy walking around the lake which was hardly surprising on a day like this. According to the times on the photos, it took us an hour to walk around the lake at a nice steady speed; no rushing about at all.

A close up of Helm Crag.

And to finish, here's a picture of Silver How and Helm Crag.

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