7th January 2017

A misty day on Brunt Knott and around the Potter Tarn area

Time 8:45am to 1:30pm
Duration 4 hr 45 min
Distance 7.3
Ascent 1600 ft or somewhere around that figure
Walking with Paul Sharkey
Potter Fell Road - Side House - Un-named Top - Brunt Knott - Un-named top - High Taggleshaw Tarn - Ulgraves - Middle Taggleshaw Tarn - Gurnal Dubs - Potter Tarn - Ghyll Pool- Houndhowe - road back to car
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside Parking, Potter Fell Road, near Staveley
This is little more than a wider section of grass verge with enough space for two or at a push three cars.
Route Map


Parking is at a premium on the Potter Fell Road so we met in Staveley and drove here in one car. The walk began with a short way in that direction before turning right and heading onto the fells. It's a damp, grey, misty morning with little in the way of views but it was mild, and without a breath of wind, walking soon became a warm affair for the time of year.

Blimey what a dump. Should be ashamed of themselves.

Looking back down to Side House.


Before the short pull onto Brunt Knott we pass by the small tarn with a fence running through it. I wonder who drew the short straw and ended up hammering in those posts.

Brunt Knott summit comes into view through the mist.


From Brunt Knott to here we crossed open countryside, a couple of boggy bits, a wire fence and a path. Pity about the views but apart from not seeing much it was actually a lot of fun walking in these conditions.


High Taggleshaw Tarn comes into view on the way to Ulgraves.

Heading to Ulgraves.

These wall builders stop for nothing.

For a few minutes we thought the cloud might have finally been clearing for us - - - - no such look I'm afraid.

and all to soon the cloud came over from Longsleddale. Never mind, the view was nice while it lasted.

Ulgraves summit.

Gurnal Dubs is seen through the cloud.



Boathouse at Gurnal Dubs


A final look around to Gurnal Dubs as we begin the short walk to Potter Tarn.

Dinner was ate on the end of the dam at Potter Tarn before taking a closer look at the outflow.

Dinner with a view.

Obviously there's something here that we couldn't work out so we were left with a feeling it was all a bit too elaborate.


Looks like second from right only has three legs.

Ghyll Pool is reached.

The outflow.


We walk through the farmyard at Hundhowe and comment on how this old barn would make a nice house; with a little imagination, hard work and lots of money.

And to finish, we get shouted & hissed at by these angry ladies.

David Hall -
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