26th February 2017

An hour in the rain at Aira Force

Time 7:55 to 8:55am
Duration 1 hr
Distance 1.6 mile
Ascent a couple of hundred feet
Walking with Jennifer
Park Brow - around Aira Force - up to High Force and back
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Aira Force, Park Brow

Aira Force remains one of the Lake Districts crowd pullers and although the main car park and the tea shop for the waterfalls is found lower down, close to Ullswater itself. This car park is actually the closest to the falls.

Parking is no longer free, and spaces are limited.


After walking down every avenue worth investigating, I worked out that the best chance of staying dry was to set off early this morning and grab a walk before the imminent heavy rain arrived. The weather predictors were correct of course but, the rain turned up earlier than I'd hoped. In fact, after driving here with no need to make use of the windscreen wipers, it started falling at the exact moment we got out of the car to start kiting up. Ah well, there's nowt we can do about that so we just got on with it.

It's only a short walk from this particular car park to the watefalls. Through the wood, down this path, through the gate and you're s good as there.

With all the rain it put down yesterday I thought there'd be more water flowing down than this. Still god to see though.
Down the slippery steps we go for a closer look.


A close up of the higher of the two Aira Force bridges.


Despite it raining, it was far from heavy enough to spoil things so we continued up stream to the new bridge above High Force.


The new bridge.

Back at Aira Force.




This is very rustic and blends in well doesn't it?

And to finish, i check the parking charges before walking a couple of minutes down the road to our free parking spot in the little lay by.
It's a pity everyone that comes here doesn't protest against the ridiculous charges, ignore the car park and use the roadside instead. After all, there's no reason at all why people can't park along the road that runs next to the car park.

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