4th April 2017

An evening around Ravenglass

Time Eventide
Duration an hour and a bit
Distance 3.8 mile
Ascent about 300 ft
Walking with Kayleigh Turnbull
Ravenglass - Walls Castle - Newtown - Newtown Knott - Newtown - Muncaster Castle entrance - A595 - Ravenglass
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Ravenglass village

Although it doesn't feel like it, Ravenglass is still part of the Lake District, but unlike most other places, it has more parking spaces than it's ever likely to need. There is a large car park in the centre of the village and of course the car park next to the La'al Ratty.

Parking is NOT free anymore !!

Route Map


The day is dry, the sky has lots of blue and we head a few miles down the coast for an after work walk around Ravenglass. This is one of the few places where Lakeland reaches the sea and is as far away from what you'd describe as 'typical Lake District' as you can get. What it is, is a lovely little seaside village where you can devise some really nice walks which confirm the Lake District has more to offer than many people might realise.


And this, is the back of Main Street Ravenglass. They might have a nice view out the back of their houses but I be worried sick every time gale force winds and high tides were forecast.

As we make our way along the beach Black Combe comes into view. I bet it's lovely up there this evening, even though it would be a bit breezy at that sort of height.

Walls Castle, Roman Bath House.
Typical isn't it, they invade our country, throw some of us in the arena to get mauled to death by lions & tigers, treat the rest of us like second class citizens, half build the swimming baths and then leave without a thank you or any instructions on how to finish the job. So come on, what have the Romans ever done for us?

After walking behind the house (farm probably) at Newtown we head up to Newtown Knott. It might be one of the smallest hills I ever make a point of walking up but I'm more than rewarded for the effort of coming here by the fantastic view from the top.

I don't understand why it ran off when I mentioned mint sauce and roast potatoes.

See what I mean about the view.




And to finish, we walk down the main street feeling pleased with the way we'd spent our time this evening.

David Hall -
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