23rd April 2017

Arthur's Pike and Herghscar Hill

Time 8:20am to 1:20pm
Duration 5 hr
Distance 8 mile
Ascent Somewhere around 1400 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Roehead - The Cockpit - White Knott - Arthur's Pike - High Street Roman Road - The Cockpit - Askham Fell - Heughscar Hill - Roehead
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside, Roehead, Pooley Bridge

Roehead marks the end of the road and the beginning of the track running over the moors between Pooley Bridge and Askham / Helton. Parking here literally is along the roadside and there isn't really that much room to be honest.

Speaking for myself, the fells around here bring with them some of my favourite walking. This is somewhere you can still walk for hours and not see another soul; if you know where to go that is.

Route Map


We fancied walking somewhere quiet today with lots of wide open spaces rather than clambering about on rocks and scree. So after both of us throwing a few different option into the hat we finally decided on this area, which we both really enjoy. By our standards we weren't particularly early but we still managed to get here with only one person setting off in front of us that we saw. This is a lovely area of peace, quiet, gentle walking on soft grasses and views to rival any in the Lake District.

Pooley Bridge and Dunmallard Hill seen only a couple of minutes after setting out.

And for almost no effort at all this is what we're treated to.

At The Cockpit Stone Circle.

We follow the track from the stone circle as far as the wall & trees over there before heading up to the high ground on the left.

Zooming in a little bit on the Pooley Bridge end of Ullswater.





Much higher now and this is the view back down towards Pooley Bridge.

I can't imagine anyone feeling let down by this view.

It was far too nice to walk straight past so a ten minute sit down was the only thing we could do.

On arrives at Howtown as the other one leaves.

Arthur's Pike summit with views all the way over Gowbarrow Fell and Great Mell Fell to Carrock Fell, Blencathra, the Skiddaw fells Lord's Seat (more or less) and Clough Head,

Pity it was so busy but I guess you can't have everything.

Lots of space around here if you like this sort of thing. Although, the lack of people tells me that most people obviously prefer something else.

On route to Heughscar Hill we cross the main track running between Askham and Pooley Bridge.


On the final section now and it doesn't matter which path you take as long as you're heading towards Ullswater and (or) Pooley Bridge. Even if you're wandering about up here for three days & nights you will eventually end up on the path you set off on.

And to finish, I zoom in on Ullswater as Jennifer tells me she can see "the path I found on Sheffield Pike that time". Blimey, you've got a good memory and even better eyes but yes, that's Sheffield Pike in the centre and if you've got good eyes you could see the path you found.

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