6th May 2017

Visiting Fairfield, a mini walking project - Walk No 9 - An anticlockwise Fairfield Horseshoe

Time 6:15 to 11:45am
Duration 5 hr 30 min
Distance 12.2 mile
Ascent Somewhere around 3500 ft
Walking with On my own
Miller Bridge - Ambleside - High Sweden Bridge - Low Pike - High Pike - Dove Crag - Hart Crag - Fairfield - Great Rigg - Heron Pike - Nab Scar - Rydal Hall - Ambleside - Miller Bridge
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Roadside, Miller Bridge, Ambleside
This offers an alternative to the overcharged car parks in Ambleside itself. The downsides are, spaces are limited, it's a little way out from the center of the town and you will need to get here early to get a space.
Weather Readings

The Gadget
All readings were taken using a Kestrel 2000 Weather Meter
Live temperature recorded at the time I press the hold key
Maximum Wind Speed Maximum wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location Average Wind Speed
Average wind speed since the weather meter was turned on at each location
Wind Chill
Combination of wind speed and temperature. The gadget does the calculations not me.

Route Map


As I walk through Rothay Park the fells I'll be walking down later were just starting to catch the first of today's sunshine.

Bridge House Ambleside.

Early morning sunshine lighting up the fells behind Ambleside.

An interesting cloud above Heron Pike.

Here I join up with the track which comes up from Low Sweden Bridge. After reminding myself what a fantastic time of day this is to be out and about on the fells I turn around and begin the walk up the ridge.

Looking ahead to Low Pike, High Pike and Dove Crag. It was a bit breezy on here but the wind was about to get a whole lot stronger as I gained a bit more height.

Can't complain about the view.

Low Pike summit.

Looking ahead to High Pike.

Low Pike, Ambleside and Windermere.


More interesting cloulds. This time in the distance out to the west.

Dear me, what's going on with the wind lately. No chance of walking up here in a straight line.

Dove Grag.

Hart Crag and Fairfield.

Fairfield number 9 - it's five past nine and thankfully the wind has dropped quite a lot since walking over High Pike / Dove Crag. I find a flat stone to sit on for a few minutes and, as it's still early I tell myself it's too soon to eat everything I've brought with me.

Leaving Fairfield and heading towards Great Rigg. The cloud seems to be building up now so I guess the early start paid off today.

On route down from Great Rigg and I can see some people in the distance walking across Heron Pike. These were the first folk I passed since saying hello to the group of runners at Miller Bridge just after 6 o'clock this morning. I don't deliberately choose routes & times that avoid seeing other people but it really is a nice bonus when you can come to places like this and have it all to yourself.


Looking back around to the higher section of the route.

A close up of part of Grasmere and Easedale.

Hart Crag and Dove Crag seen as I walk over the Heron Pike section of the walk.

With a view of five lakes I look down the well worn path between Heron Pike and Nab Scar.

Rydal Water.

and Grasmere.


Nab Scar seen from the track near Rydal Hall.

Bluebells in the woods as I walk between Rydal Hall and Ambleside.

Back in Ambleside it was like a different day from the one I'd set off walking in this morning. The blue sky had gone and all the people had arrived to spend their hard earned cash. All the shops were open for business and the window display in the Apple Pie Bakery was far too tempting to ignore.

And to finish, I'm back at Miller Bridge after completing the ninth of these Fairfield walks. I only have three more walks left and although I'm already starting to think about where I want to walk afterwards, I'll miss Fairfield. It's been great visiting the same place by so many different routes, and in such a short space of time. It's hard to put into words but I now feel like I have an even greater bond with the place than I did before. It really isn't just going for a walk.

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