14th May 2017

An afternoon in Borrowdale

Time pm
Duration didn't look
Distance 5.5 mile
Ascent A few hundred feet
Walking with Jennifer
Rosthwaite - Stonethwaite Beck - Stonethwaite - Stonethwaite Church - Borrowdale road - Seatoller - High Doat - Johnny Wood - Longthwaite - New Bridge - Rosthwaite
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre -
Car park, Rosthwaite, Borrowdale
There are actually two car parks right next to each other in Rosthwaite. One is the official car park and this is reflected in the pay and display price. The other one is simply a number of parking spaces adjoining Rosthwaite Village Hall which has a honesty box on the wall of the building.
I know which one I'd rather give my money to.
Route Map


Yesterday it rained for the first time in weeks so I spent the day in the house not doing very much at all. I made too many visits to the pantry and the fridge and although I was far from idle, the sum total of everything I did amounted to nothing you'd describe as significant. What a shame because another couple of days decent weather would have saw me complete the final two Fairfield walks. Never mind, Fairfield is going nowhere but hopefully the rain is.


Looking across Borrowdale to the fells on each side of Honister.

Part of the hamlet of Stonethwaite, taken from Stonethwaite Bridge.

A view back along the road to Stonethwaite.

Stonethwaite Church.


After a short walk down alongside the road we arrive at Seatoller.

Seatoller rooftops seen in front of Rosthwaite Fell.


From High Doat, or in this case the route off it, you get this view of Castle Crag and Grange Fell. In the far distance you can see Skiddaw Little Man and Skiddaw.


Looking down to Rosthwaite but we're not going straight across. We'd walk through the woods and then alongside the river to get there.

Here we begin the walk though Johnny Wood.


Passing by Longthwaite.

Jennifer makes use of the stepping stones and suggests I walk the longer way around while she waits for me on the wall over there.

And this is New Bridge which has been repaired after being damaged in the floods of December 2015. Despite it being quite old, it does actually look new again. Not sure why the bags are still in the water. There must be a good reason but not being a structural engineer or anything of that nature I've no idea.

Doubling back up the river I head back in to Rosthwaite; picking up Jennifer along the way.

Castle Crag and Kings How.

And to finish, we walk through Rosthwaite under a hot afternoon sun and opt not to go in the cafe for tea & cake but to wait till we get home instead.

David Hall -
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