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Car park, Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows is reputed to be one of the Lake Districts most popular tourist destinations. I should point out that the prices in the car park and the amount of traffic would help to confirm this. This is a car park I wouldn't even think of trying to park after 10 am during the summer months.

I you are lucky enough to find a space then Tarn Hows itself is no more than a couple of minutes walk away.

The number of walks to choose from is 3

27th February 2009
  Tarn Hows and Black Crag 4.2 mile 900 ft
Tarn Hows - Rose Castle Plantation - Iron Keld Plantation - Black Crag - Iron keld Plantation - Tarn Hows (west side)

30th March 2008
  Tarn Hows and Black Crag 5.7 mile 1200 ft
Tarn Hows - High Arnside Tarn - Iron Keld Plantation - Black Crag - Iron Keld Plantation - Rose Castle Tarn - Tover Intake - Tarn Hows

3rd December 2005
  A classic beauty spot, two lower fells, a quarry and a waterfall. 6.5 mile 2014 ft
Tarn Hows - Iron Keld Plantation - Black Crag - Hodge Close - Holme Fell - Yew Tree Farm - Tarn Hows


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