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Parking spaces, bottom of Gale Road

You might be tempted to ask why I'd want to park at the bottom of Gale Road when there's a perfectly good car park at the top. Well, anyone who's tried to drive to the top after a few nights of hard frost will know exactly why.

Having been caught out in the past trying to drive up the icy road. Now I don't even try if conditions in the valley are frosty.

The number of walks to choose from is 2

7th December 2008
  Battling the wind on Skiddaw 7 mile 2500 ft
Gale Road - Jenkin Hill - Skiddaw Little Man - Skiddaw - Jenkin Hill - Gale Road

25th December 2007
  Merry Christmas from a freezing cold Skiddaw 7.5 mile 2560 ft
Underscar Hotel - Gale Road - Jenkin Hill - Skiddaw - (and back)


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