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Car Park, East side of Coniston Water, Grass Paddocks
This is a quite a small car park found on the narrow road running along the east side of Coniston Water. There aren't any signs for the car park and it's an easy one to drive past without realising it. It's free and I'd find it hard to believe it ever fills up completely.

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14th February 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 13
  Arnsbarrow Tarn and Wood Moss Tarn 9.2 mile 2300 ft
Grass Paddocks car park - Grass Holme - High Nibthwaite - Brock Barrow - Low Light Haw - High Light Haw - Arnsbarrow Hill - Top O'Selside - Arnbarrow Tarn - Wood Moss Tarn - Arnsbarrow Tarn - Top O'Selside - Grass Holme - Grass Paddocks car park


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